Dark Lightning Pre-Orders [July 2020]

Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning will be officially released on August 22, 2020! Pre-orders begin July 15th and last through July 31st (or while supplies last) so we can ship them out and make sure they get to you on or before the official publication date! All pre-order copies will be signed and include a 50% off coupon for future purchases.

All Stellar Eclipse merchandise will go on sale on July 15th through August as well, so you can get book one of the series at a discount if you haven't read it already!

COVID-19 Update [July 2020]

In order to limit any potential exposure to the Coronavirus, we will only make trips to the post office to deliver physical orders once a week. This may lead to slightly longer lead times for orders to be shipped. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Patreon Tier Update! [Jan 2020]

One of the best ways to support independent creators is to make a monthly donation to their Patreon. It helps fund the creative works you love, and you receive exclusive rewards!

As of 2020, we've added a new Rose Gold tier that will earn you a place on the Special Thanks page of our published books. Check it out!


Book of the Month:
Wildcat, by Rebecca H.
SAVE 10%!
Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning pre-orders start July 15th! [SOLD OUT]
All Cloudless Rain items will be on sale for 20% off from July 15th through August!

Store Updates

- This Isn't the Zombie Apocalypse by Sterling Blue
- Like Falling Stars stickers
- Dark Lightning preorder


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