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Horror - PG13
This tongue-in-cheek, Alice in Wonderland-inspired horror novel is perfect for fans of late 70's to early 90's horror! While it celebrates slasher tropes and genre stereotypes, remember - appearances can be deceiving, and there is a darker story between the lines.
Like Falling Stars
Fantasy - PG
This sweet tale of friendship and identity brings to mind the fairy tales of old - because it is one! Based on stories such as The Snow Queen and Beauty and the Beast, this book is filled with a classic sense of wonder and enchantment while still having its own distinct charm.
Stellar Eclipse: Cloudless Rain
Mystery/Fantasy - PG13
Two detectives come out of retirement to solve a murder case involving a young boy and one of their oldest and deadliest foes. Set in a brand new world of mysticism and mystery, the Stellar Eclipse series offers an immersive reading experience!

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