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Book of the Month

A Day Out of Time by Kelsey Clifton is the January Book of the Month!

This book won me over at, "Hey kid, wanna see some mermaids?"

For those who want to experience a time travel story that's a wild ride from start to finish and anything--and I mean anything--can happen, A Day Out of Time is the book for you. Leave any preconceived notions about time travel fiction at the door and dive in!

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Books By Other Authors


Maple Street, by A. M. Dorhauer

Fantasy, G

Suitable for all ages

Short Summary: A slice-of-life fantasy focusing on the daily lives of an ensemble cast of popular Halloween monsters including sociable vampires, a standoffish witch, a married mummy couple, and more. An instant Halloween classic!


                                                    Ideal for lovers of Halloween and monster mashes!

The Shadow War Saga #1: Dragon Speaker, by Elana Mugdan

Fantasy, PG-13

Some scenes may include violence, swearing, sensuality, and/or intense situations that are not suitable for readers under 13

Short Summary: Born without magic, Keriya Nameless is chosen by the dragon goddess Shivnath to save the last remaining dragon in her world from a terrible evil. But Shivnath is known for exploiting loopholes in rules, and not everything may be as it seems.


Ideal for those who want a bold adventure where the dragon is

more than a glorified horse!

Dragon Speaker Cover - Web.jpg

A Day Out of Time, by Kelsey Clifton

Science Fiction, R

Adult language throughout, mild violence, mild sensuality

Short Summary: One day each year, the barriers between time periods break down and allow beings from every time--past, present, and future--to mingle for 24 hours. Cat Fiyero and her team are responsible for making sure this doesn't result in the destruction of New York City.

                                                     Ideal for those who want to read an approach to time travel where

                                                     all bets are off and anything can (and will) happen!

Wildcat, by Rebecca H.

Animal Fiction/Science Fiction, PG-13

Some scenes may include violence, intense situations, and mental health topics that are not suitable for readers under 13

Short Summary: Two colonies of genetically modified cats struggle to maintain peace between each other. In the wake of a coming war, Ember and her father Cloud must find their way through the tumultuous climates they find themselves in.


Ideal for those who enjoy both animal and science fiction, and

who would like to see more mental illness/disorder representation.

Final cover.jpg

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